D. A. G. Galton Letters


This collection of 11 letters were sent from Dr. David A. G. Galton to Dr. Lorne J. Brandes between 1973 and 1987. Of note, this collection includes a letter of recommendation for his colleague Dr. Brandes, describing Dr. Brandes’s research and clinical experience. In other letters, Dr. Galton discusses clinical research, including individual cases, and publishing. Several letters pertain to the progression of a single case; in these, we have given the patient the alias of Mr. Doe.

To comply with HIPAA patient privacy requirements and donor restrictions, we have redacted patient identifying information. Digital images of these letters were generously donated by Dr. Lorne J. Brandes, who retains ownership of the original letters.

Another collection of David A. G. Galton’s papers may be found at the Wellcome Library. A list of his publications may be found here.

Please explore our full collection below or browse by subject. Note: subject pages include items from the Oral History collection.


Brandes Letter of Recommendation

Letter of recommendation from Galton on behalf of former colleague Lorne Brandes.

PL Case Letter

Letter discussing an atypical prolymphocytic leukemia case and comparing it to that of other elderly women with PL whom Galton had observed.

Myelomatosis Case Letter

Letter discussing a patient with myelomatosis. The patient had myelomatosis since June 1976 and had been in the 3rd MRC trial. Galton discusses treating the patient with weekly cyclophosphamide. Note: contains only page 1 of the letter; missing remaining page(s).

Brandes Paper Review

Letter in which Galton reviews Brandes’ manuscript before Brandes submits it for publication to the Lancet. Galton offers feedback and advice on publishing in the Lancet, and discusses a current patient’s course of treatment with cyclophosphamide.

Vindesine Letter

Letter discussing Galton’s opinion of Vindesine in treatment and the MRC Working Party’s interferon trials.

Doe Case Letter 1

Letter discussing the course of treatment for a patient, alias Mr. Doe, following a recent chest infection.

MRC 3rd Trial Case Letter

Letter providing notes on the treatment of a 51-year-old patient from the MRC 3rd trial, including detailed information on dosage and schedule. At the end, Galton provides a brief update on the case of another patient, alias Mr. Doe, whose back was irradiated.

Doe Case Letter 2

Letter providing an update on a patient with myeloma, alias Mr. Doe, whose disease had rapidly become highly aggressive. Weekly cyclophosphamide and prednisolone were no longer working, and Galton was giving him diamorphine for the pain, while considering treating Mr. Doe with interferon.

Doe Case Letter 3

Letter providing an update on a patient, alias Mr. Doe, who had died within the last week. Galton provides Mr. Doe’s serum calcium, urea, and creatinine values for July and October.

Miscellaneous Letter

Letter discussing miscellaneous topics, including publishing in the Lancet, the MRC trial, and a patient he intends to start on the Brandes regimen.

Galton Retirement Letter

Letter in which Galton expresses interest in a forthcoming publication by Brandes and Brandes’ research on histamine receptors, and contemplates his upcoming retirement at the end of the year.


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