MRC Trial

The following items discuss the MRC trials. For items relating to a more general discussion of clinical research, click here.

Thumbnail of Myelomatosis Case Letter

Myelomatosis Case Letter

Letter discussing a patient with myelomatosis. The patient had myelomatosis since June 1976 and had been in the 3rd MRC trial. Galton discusses treating the patient with weekly cyclophosphamide. Note: contains only page 1 of the letter; missing remaining page(s).

Thumbnail of Vindesine Letter

Vindesine Letter

Letter discussing Galton’s opinion of Vindesine in treatment and the MRC Working Party’s interferon trials.

Thumbnail of MRC 3rd Trial Case Letter

MRC 3rd Trial Case Letter

Letter providing notes on the treatment of a 51-year-old patient from the MRC 3rd trial, including detailed information on dosage and schedule. At the end, Galton provides a brief update on the case of another patient, alias Mr. Doe, whose back was irradiated.

Thumbnail of Miscellaneous Letter

Miscellaneous Letter

Letter discussing miscellaneous topics, including publishing in the Lancet, the MRC trial, and a patient Galton intends to start on the Brandes regimen.

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