Rai Interview Part 7: Research Partnership with Chiorazzi

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Transcript of Rai Interview Part 7: Research Partnership with Chiorazzi

Created Date: May 03, 2010

Description: Dr. Kanti Rai discusses how he met Dr. Nicholas Chiorazzi and they developed their research partnership studying IGHV mutational status and clinical staging. He notes that their model of partnership, which has involved collaboration between laboratory research and clinical practice, has been fruitful for both research and practice, and discusses how this same model developed in the Chronic Lymphocyctic Leukemia Research Consortium (CRC). This video is part 7 of 8 from a single interview.

Creator: Gerald Marti

Contributor: Kanti Rai

Identifier: Rai07_Chiorazzi

Coverage: 1979-2010

Subject: Origin, Clinical Research, Immunoglobulin Mutational Status

Related: Rai01_intro, Rai02_clinicaltrials, Rai03_treatment, Rai04_iwCLL, Rai05_ASH, Rai06_youth, Rai08_splenomegaly

Series: Rai Oral Histories

Type: Video

Rights: This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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